The ‘MUST TRY’ foods when in the Czech Republic


What better way to start our brand new blog than with a topic that (let’s be honest) most of us care about the most – food! The Czech Republic is rightfully known as the country of great beer (that’s right…we are proud owners of the title ‘highest alcohol consumption per capita’) and dumplings. But, there is more to us than beer and dumplings. Really!

Before giving you a list of the ‘must try’ items, let me warn you: all of the mentioned products are super delicious…mostly to Czechs and I am one of them. Our tongues are made for it. Yours on the other hand may not be, but still…you won’t know unless you taste it, right?


kofola (1)


Oooh so good when on tap! On the Czech market Kofola is a strong competitor to Coca Cola and Pepsi. This beverage emerged during the communist era when drinking Coca Cola was a luxury. Kofola back then was half price compared to Coke. Sadly that was back then! The taste is very specific. The over-powering herbal aroma may not be the pick of everyone. The love/hate relationship ratio of foreigners could be around 50/50. The benefits of this drink? It has 30% less sugar than Coke and slightly more caffeine. Mix it with some rum and you have the perfect summer drink!




Coconuty heaven if you ask me! 😉 but as always, there are many of you who won’t like it. My American friend who moved here 3 years ago said, “When I tried it for the first time I was like: what kind of s**t is that? Three years later, it’s my favorite Czech chocolate bar”. Yep, the things you get used to once you move continents, hey? My recommendation: they just released a mango-flavored edition. DELICIOUS!

3. SMAZAK (fried cheese)

smažený sýr


Forbidding Smazak from Czech menus would be a national disaster! Smazak is an egg, flour, and bread crumb-coated fried cheese usually served with fries or American potatoes. The key to perfection is a portion of tartar sauce. We, the Czech nation, truly apologize for really poor taste in cheeses. The best we can do is 30% dry Edam, which is perfect for Smazak. I guess one of the reasons why it’s perfect is because everything that’s fried is delicious. If you like cheese, you may want to check out a different country like The Netherlands or Switzerland. Don’t come here and complain that the cheese here sucks, ok? You were warned! 🙂


Foot-baked on a skewer


If you forget the fact that you eat a knee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the great taste. You can get this delishness in every ‘true to its core’ Czech pub. Usually served with fresh bread, horseradish, pickles, mustard, and coleslaw. Meat eaters go for IT; you won’t regret! And of course, don’t forget to get a pint of cold beer. The perfect combo.

5. MISA ice-lolly



Nostalgia. No one can change my childhood memories. Misa was always there when I fell off my bike or had scratches from climbing a tree. Misa always made everything better. The soothing feeling of the frozen goodness made out of….hmmm…it’s hard to explain in English, it’s “tvaroh” in Czech, though, if that helps (the closest equivalent is cottage cheese but not quite). Covered with dark chocolate that just melts on your tongue instantly. This again is a national heritage. Don’t leave without trying one. And it’s a much healthier option when you crave ice cream.

There are tons and tons more, but this is the highlight of one Czech girl who is mostly proud of being Czech…well, if we don’t make the national headlines with our amazingly entertaining president, Mr. Zeman.

Enjoy the read and leave us comments with your favorite foods from around the world.

Jay Kay

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