Walking the streets of Prague…with a sense of humor

Surely, stepping into some unwanted surprises happened to all of us at least once everywhere around the world. A new blog addition from Christie Elizabeth, our external blogger, prepares you for what you can enjoy, appreciate or watch for, when walking the streets of Prague.



 – Christie Elizabeth

There are certainly a great many things to like about Prague – an almost insurmountable sea of topics that have inspired the greatest architects, philosophers and poets around the world for as long as history books can remember. However, my very favorite part of Prague is actually linked to the very thing that a great deal of the populace detests…


The other day, I was walking down a street that I find myself frequenting several times per day, basking in one of the first sunny days in quite a while. Forgetting myself, I looked up to take in some of the new, vivid scenery, when I felt the familiar (*squish*).


Now, I know that this is a post about “My Favourite Thing About Prague”, so please, just bear with me – because I know that my absolute, most favorite thing about Prague goes hand-in-hand with one of the city’s worst stereotypes. Yes, many parts of this city may be just riddled with presents from our furry friends, but the abundance of well-behaved pooches on the metro, on trains, in elevators, sidewalks and, of course, parks, makes this something I can try to forget about. We may not be able to invoke “out of sight, out of mind”, but if you can avoid stepping in the middle of it for a week or so, it almost begins to blend into the scenery…

No matter the season, owners with their pets are out in abundance. In other cities, we might sit on a park bench and “people watch”… but here, it is much more interesting to watch the dogs (or the people with their dogs, as there are many interesting things to be seen there)… Why? Because here in the Czech Republic, dogs are actually allowed to be dogs. With very few leashes and very few muzzles, they have their freedom, and that leads to exceptionally well-behaved canines. I think back to all of my time in Canada, and the battle it always was to get our black lab to “pod sem” (we had to trick him into going for a “car ride” so we could put a leash on him). That seems to be such a rarity here because, in Prague, dogs really do seem to fulfill the role of “man’s best friend”.

A few of my favorite beautiful buddies:


As Ice-T would say, “hate the playa, not the game”. Don’t blame these furry little guys for their owners’ laziness and lack of accountability. I strongly believe that a crap-strewn sidewalk is a small burden to bear for this infinite outdoor parade of cuddly canine companions. And, as it certainly seems that this is not a problem that will solve itself anytime soon, we should all just try to walk with our heads down and learn how to add a “skip” to our step over whatever surprises may greet us.

(And… when the time comes to curse the powers that be, just remember – sh*t happens.)

Imagesource: mallardfamily.blogspot.com

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