Getting around Prague on wheels!

Sightseeing tours, beer tours and more whatever tours!!!

There are waaaay too many options out there, aren’t there? And often rather than sometimes, it can be tricky to find the experience you are looking for. We at fusion prague welcome thousands of YOU each year and by now we better know our way around the city…yeah, the way around the city. THAT can be quite tiring! So how about if we suggest other means of transport rather than your worn out feet?



We found the perfect solution dear friends! Green Lemon – rent and tour company. The newbie  in town. Hip and cool, huge on customer service and fresh design just like ourselves. Pssst, they have no idea we picked them so don’t spoil it for us. You know why, right? There is (only sometimes) lack of good customer service in this country, and we don’t want the fame getting into their heads just yet ;).

To cut the story short, here are 3 MEANS OF TRANSPORT to make your stay and sightseeing in Prague unforgettable!!!



Bring your hipster sunglasses, and you’re good to go! Not necessarily recommended for the downtown experience as you may loose your battle with walking masses of tourists, but if you want to explore the many beer gardens, parks, or places of interest out of the center, this is the best way to go about it. And after sitting hours and hours on a bus, train or plane, you know your body needs some exercise before chowing down those dumplings.



This was AN EXPERIENCE!!!  I consider myself sporty but biking up to the infamous hills around Prague was much easier with this baby. It kinda does the work for you. You still pedal but your efforts are supported by the “something something electrical” in the bike. Yes, I am a girl who has no clue about technical stuff!

If you wanna get out of Prague for a day, check out some of the tours Green Lemon organizes. My pick is to gocycle to Karlstejn (one of the most known castles in the Czech Republic) or a tour to a beer brewery in Únětice. Just be careful on the way back 😉



source: Green Lemon

  • Last but not least, segwayyyys! FYI, helmets come with. If you haven’t been to Prague yet, we do have quite a few hills around here. So, believe me,  you will really appreciate zipping up a hill without a sweat passing those huffing and puffing tourists. Segways are easy and fun. You get to see all the main sights in one day and still have enough energy to party at night. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

And if you combine all of the above, you experience the most out of Prague over one weekend, and say it was easy peasy!

Detailed info about all tours and rentals can be found at Green Lemon.

Enjoy the ride, read, and share some of your travel stories with us too.

Jay Kay

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