Prague top artifacts – follow the trail of David Cerny

If you have an artsy eye, don’t take life too seriously, and are visiting Prague, we recommend taking a day off “the ordinary sights” to embark on an adventure of truly unique artifacts by sculptor extraordinaire David Cerny.

You may be familiar with one of his works, “Entropa”, which pi**ed off quite a few EU countries. But I don’t want to bore you with too much detail. All in all, David Cerny is an extraordinary artist with a great dose of sarcasm who is not afraid of speaking his mind and publicly pointing out the obvious which the rest of us would not dare to say out loud.

There are quite a few sculptures spread across the city, but let’s take you on a scavenger hunt for a few that will do for a great day out!

Pack light as we will point out places to eat along the way.

  • Let’s start with the Horse


The Horse is a parody of the St. Wenceslas statue located at the top of Wenceslas Square. Interestingly, this statue was installed in Lucerna, a beautiful building owned by our ex-president Vaclav Havel’s family, after being spurned by the director of the Czech post office as “way too much.” (1) At least somebody (the president) has a good sense of humor.

  • Leaving the horse and moving to the Hanging Statue of Sigmund Freud


Quite a sight, if you don’t expect it and randomly look up to the sky. It really does look like someone is just hanging there. I actually scared a few of my friends by screaming “OMG, there is someone hanging.” In the name of me being entertained by this episode and them being close to a heart attack before they realized what was going on, it is worthy to note that the hanging person is Sigmund Freud (the founding father of psychoanalysis).

  • Brown Nosing


How entertaining!!! These two gigantic statues kinda depict our political situation. You can climb up and put your head right into the statues’ a*s and watch a short movie. (“Sexless sculptures hide screens presenting two videos, they show the politician Václav Klaus and the artist Milan Knížák as they are feeding each other with a mash, which they are enjoying very much. The video is accompanied by well-known song “We Are The Champions” from the band Queen.” (2).

By now, you should be starting to get hungry. Not to worry, our next artifact will also offer a great restaurant for a delish lunch.

  • Freaky Babies crawling up to the TV tower


That really is freaky, don’t you think? These little monsters are climbing up the tower and are faceless. Moreover, you are looking at the 2nd ugliest building in the world according to’s survey and you should know that the owners are very proud of it (guessing by the display at the tower). But nevertheless, if you make it all the way up you can enjoy the most stunning views of Prague while having lunch at Oblaca restaurant. Or, when the weather cooperates, you can enjoy drinks and refreshment picnic style right under the TV tower at the Miminoo restaurant.


  • Peeing Statues


And we will finish the day with something that will for sure make you laugh! Have your name peed out (the message is sent via sms) by two statues that move their hips, spelling your name or what not in the pool shaped like the Czech Republic. This probably won’t entertain you for more than 10 minutes so here are a couple of other things in the neighborhood:

What other treasures can you find in this hidden courtyard?

Check out the Franz Kafka museum – a museum of the most influential Czech writer of the 20th century or treat yourself to an amazing dinner on the Vltava river banks at Hergetova Cihelna restaurant, rated very highly among locals as well as tourists. This one is on a pricey side but well worth your belly satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 15.56.29

If you would like to learn more what is behind the meaning of all of the above and more, check out the following article (photo credits also go to the same site):

If you do follow this scavenger hunt, let us know your favorite sight 😉

Jay Kay




2 thoughts on “Prague top artifacts – follow the trail of David Cerny

  1. There’s also the public light under the Nuselsky bridge. David Cerny turned the light to point to the sky, as a memorial to those who jumped off the bridge.

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