Best alternative cinemas in Prague

Rain or shine, going to the movies is fun. And if the movie theatre is not an ordinary one, I am sure you will appreciate a movie night even during your travels.

Of course, Prague has tons of multiplex cinemas very similar to those in your country. So go to those back home, ok? We will take you to places that are rare, unique, alternative, and only in Prague…well, unless you prove us wrong 😉

 bio oko 1bio oko

source:, respectively

My jaw dropped in awe when I went to Bio Oko for the first time a few months ago . In fact, this place is still quite foreign to many locals. It’s a good thing because you can get tickets without a reservation most of the time. Hopefully, that will remain true after this post goes live 😉

But back to why it is so special. You know that sparkle in kids’ eyes when Christmas lights light up for the first time in the season? Yep, that was my facial expression when I saw all those beach chairs, bean bags, and wait for it….the  L E G E N D A R Y Trabant that is also used for seating. But to grab the seats in the car, you have to get there hours prior to the movie or know someone who works in the cinema. Either way, I am always out of luck.

Moreover, you can get beers, wine, sodas, and snacks at the foyer cafe for normal prices!!! Forget the EUR 20 for a small popcorn and coke. For EUR 20 here you have tickets for two, are drunk before the movie starts and hopefully do not fall asleep on one of the comfy bean bags.


Walking into Lucerna will definitely take you ‘some’ years back. As you can see from the photo above, your butt may hurt a little from the old-school seats but hey, it’s all worth it, seeing the rest of the room. Again, they play all sorts of different films, new and old, blockbuster to alternative.

But this Lucerna place is more than just a cinema that’s worth mentioning. From cinema, pub, concert hall to the best 80s music bar in town, Lucerna has it all. Seriously, if you like 80s style music, this is the happening place in town. Come around 1am to get the most out of the atmosphere and make sure you have good shoes on because there will be some dancing to do!!!



In case you are looking for a bit more comfort during your movie, Kino Atlas is your choice. It still has that ‘alternative’ feel but the seats are very comfortable and they also have 3D. It made me smile to see their promo “3D for the price of 2D.” What is not to love about that?

To sum this up, all of the above have a great local atmosphere, screen movies mostly in English, sell cheap tickets and refreshments, and will definitely make for a great night out. For links to their websites, click on the title of each cinema.

And last but not least,

to our fusion guests, if you have been traveling for months and your budget has kind of disappeared by now, you can enjoy a movie morning, afternoon, or night on the big screen in our Playroom, or you can do some Xbox gaming too. As MasterCard would say this one is “priceless.”

2 (1)

The challenge is on. Go, check them out and let us know what you thought. Or prove us wrong and suggest your own best movie experience.

Jay Kay



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