Birthday Bash! Why not in Prague?


four girls. one bed. Moët with strawberries. 

Sorry boys, but you’re not the only ones dreaming of such scenarios! But the description of our ‘fun in bed’  differs from yours, I am sure. There was loads of quality time involved – chit-chatting, girl-talking, pajamas partying, and of course, drinking bubbly and eating strawberries. No! We were not doing that naked and No! We didn’t eat the strawberries off each other, either! 😉


After touring fusion and seeing the Big Bed room a few months back, the seed in my head had been planted: A unique weekend away from Prague in Prague? GENIUS! My friend’s birthday was coming up and we were thinking what would be the best surprise/present.

How about a night in a hotel all sharing one big bed? If that is not original, tell me what is!!!

I booked the big bed for four people. Side note: they also have a big bed for six. Gentlemen, let your imagination loose once again, and this time imagine yourself + 5. Cheeky, I know, I know.

So let the fun begin

The bubbly and strawberries already awaited us in the room upon our arrival (the reception team really went above and beyond). There was also a free-cocktail voucher on the bed. And since the birthday girl should never pay and we are kind of cheap, what great timing.



What was the plan?

Going wild, getting drunk, and dancing on the bar was not on our menu this time. Since we are from Prague, activities outside of the hotel weren’t really that enticing. And since the hotel offers practically everything under one roof (bar, restaurant, and cafe), there was no need to go elsewhere.

We started with bubbly,


encouraged by the alcohol, a pillow fight?


and…shower karaoke? Hell yeah!


Later, getting ready and going for dinner at the hotel restaurant Epopey.


The food was delish. And the prices were surprisingly budget-friendly, considering we were dining in a very nice restaurant. 

photo (1)photo (2)

After dinner and a few drinks, we went back to ‘bed’ with several bottles of wine from the bar. Happy times were had by all!

Needless to say, if you are looking for a unique experience, try the Big Bed. I can totally see myself spending the night with the girls again, or the boyfriend (imagine that size of a bed only for TWO). And if you have kids that you’d like to treat to a special night out, book away. I am sure they would looove to snuggle with you under one blanket.


Jay Kay

Note: Yes, I am aware of this post being a bit biased since this blog is a fusion blog but trust me that this experience is worth spreading. I’d do the ‘ladies night in’ without a doubt again!

If you have any questions or special wishes for your Big Bed adventure, email to They’ll take care of ya 🙂

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