The best cakes and ‘chlebíčky’ in Prague!

So apparently Czechs have won another ground-breaking tittle – “The Fattest Nation in the EU.” (a research study conducted by the UN)

To the nation’s defense: N O   W O N D E R with so many great bakeries, cake shops, and cafes. I must confess that cakes are my weakness in this world and sharing the best of the best cake places with you will make me a one happy gal.

  •  Ovocný Světozor – Vodičkova 39, Prague 1

If you ask any Czech for a good ‘cukrárna’ (cake shop) they will most definitely send you to Světozor. They have several locations all across the city but the most well-known is in Světozor passage, right off Wenceslas sq. They opened their doors in 1992 and have been here since. All the cakes are freshly made, with real whipped cream and ahhh, the selection is unreal!!! It’s literally a challenge to choose just one so if there are a few of you, become Spanish for a day and make it a tapas afternoon. Get different types and shapes, and taste them all.

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Hmmm…check this out

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For those who don’t have a sweet tooth (lucky bast*rds) they have another a must-try specialty – ‘chlebíček’ (open-faced sandwich with various components). There are only so many shops that sell them – usually delis or the traditional cake shops like Světozor and a few others. I do have a friend that used to live here and now comes to Prague every so often. The first and last thing she gets when visiting are chlebíčky. It’s so funny to see her determination to get them every time! Once she nearly missed a train because the stores don’t open before 8 am and the train was leaving at 8:15 🙂

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  • Apetit – Revoluční 12, Prague 1

Apetit has a very similar selection of traditional cakes and chlebíčky to Světozor. So here you have a different location while you wander through the city.

Moreover, if you are looking for some Czech delicacies (salami, alcohol, sweets) to bring back home for your family and friends, this place has them all nicely wrapped and ready to be given as a present.

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  • Pekařství (general name for bakery) – Vodičkova 9, Prague 1

Want to feel like a local??? This is the place to go in the morning. This bakery is full of the ‘working class’ getting their breakfast, snacks, and lunches. What’s great about this one is that they make mini versions of all their cakes. So hey, instead of one, you get to try 3 minis. Good deal, right?

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In all these places, the prices are super reasonable. If you have a dessert in a restaurant, you will pay at least twice as much and still, you won’t get the taste of the traditional sweets. I bet you’d end up with a cheesecake, or chocolate cake. How original and not Czech!

Ok, we are not going to lie to each other here, right? It’s obvious that visiting these places is not good for anyone’s diet. So to go easy on your stomach for the rest of the day, on the way back to your hotel stop by at fusion’s Soup in the City (Panská 9) for freshly made smoothies and juices. I say that’s a good compromise 🙂

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Click on the photo to get to google maps

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Enjoy and don’t forget to send us some pictures from your debauchery. Share the fun on the fusion’s social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Jay Kay

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