About Us, You, and Prague!

We, at fusion prague or “the most awesome hybrid between a hotel and hostel” as we like to think (excuse our modesty), care about our guests’ experience while visiting one of the best cities in the world.

Our blog will offer you an insight on things recommended by locals and experienced travelers. We love to travel ourselves and know how great it is to indulge in local foods, activities, or hidden treasures that are not necessarily the mainstream attractions!

  • If you read this blog before traveling to Prague, consider becoming a fusionista* book your stay at fusion prague.
  • If you read this blog while in Prague, don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the best Prague local cuisine at Epopey.
  • If you read this blog after you left Prague, spread lots of love about our beautiful city and share it with the world. And come back very soon!!!

*fusionista – someone or something (like a doggie #PetFriendly) who stays in our funky property for a minimum of one night. That’s a pretty easy task to do to get the status of a “fusionista,” hey?

Rock room


Your fusion team – simply “the best”

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