The best cakes and ‘chlebíčky’ in Prague!

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So apparently Czechs have won another ground-breaking tittle – “The Fattest Nation in the EU.” (a research study conducted by the UN) To the nation’s defense: N O   W O N D E R with so many great bakeries, cake … Continue reading

Prague top artifacts – follow the trail of David Cerny

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If you have an artsy eye, don’t take life too seriously, and are visiting Prague, we recommend taking a day off “the ordinary sights” to embark on an adventure of truly unique artifacts by sculptor extraordinaire David Cerny. You may … Continue reading

The ‘MUST TRY’ foods when in the Czech Republic

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What better way to start our brand new blog than with a topic that (let’s be honest) most of us care about the most – food! The Czech Republic is rightfully known as the country of great beer (that’s right…we … Continue reading